Wood is a highly versatile material. It scores high on its tensile strength and pressure resistance despite its low weight. Furthermore, the beauty of different patterns of wood grains and colors which provide a variety of aesthetic options when making wood into furniture or even using them to build houses.


However, one can only reap these benefits on the condition that the wood has been treated properly. Exposure to moisture causes wood to rot, soften and fall apart, it may also cause mold growth and even insect infestations.


Another problem associated with wood is that it can become dry and lifeless when moisture evaporates from it, decreasing its strength, causing it to be brittle and in the worse case, collapsing.

Coating acts as a barrier to prevent excess moisture, either in the liquid form or in the form of humidity, from entering or leaving. It is also a protection from physical damage such as scratches and dirt.

WC41 is able to accomplish what is stated above and more! Its easy application and specially-designed formula makes the wood harder, allowing the usage of cheaper and faster growing pine wood as a replacement for expensive quality wood that takes long time to grow essentially increasing cost-efficiency.



Excellent Water Repellency

Excellent Oil Repellency

Excellent UV Resistance

Ultra-High Hardness after Curing

Multiple Finish Available


As the world moves towards sustainability, we are also joining in the fight. WC41 has an ultra-high hardness after curing, making it scratch resistant. This means that the businesses are able to replace expensive wood with cheaper pine wood with increased hardness for flooring.

Typically, expensive wood requires a longer time to grow, taking up more forest land to meet demands. However, pine wood grows substantially faster and is able to meet demands using smaller pieces of land. This leaves more land for trees to grow naturally and would hence prevent the depletion of natural resources.

WC41 holds the weaker pine wood together such that it strengthens its integrity, enabling it to resist greater pressure, allowing businesses to be more sustainable using easier to grow wood.



WC41 produces and restores high-gloss luster, making wood seem more luxurious and of better quality.

The aesthetic of wood is also not compromised when cheaper pine wood is used as the coating provides a luxurious finish, matching the standard of expensive wood.

As WC41 has excellent water repellency, it is able to prevent timber leaching by keeping natural wood oil and resin in the wood and preventing moisture from entering it. This essentially allows the wood to maintain its colour without dying the things around it and is especially useful for wooden facilities outdoors.

Wood, when unprotected, is subjected to weathering from the elements, be it sun or rain damages. There is also physical wear and tear from constant usage, leading to frequent maintenance required to upkeep the aesthetic and function of wood.

WC41 has excellent water and oil repellency, this prevents watermarks from forming on the wooden furniture and also sets up a layer of protection from rain damage. Furthermore, it also has excellent UV resistance*, which makes the wood weather-resistant, reducing the amount of maintenance needed.

*Additional UV protection, and colour selection available.








WC41 can be used for NParks, Government projects, Building owners, Developers, Contractors and more!

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