Since their invention in the 1900s, Air Conditioners (ACs) has become an indispensable appliance, as a symbol of modernity and comfort.

However, a common problem associated with ACs is the hassle to clean and maintain them. Further more, the cost of not maintaining it regularly is often steep because of the high electricty consumption.

AC37FR  helps to dissipate heat faster and keep the fins oil- and dust-free.

On one hand, it makes cooling easier and also reduces energy consumption by 10-20%. On another hand, it lowers the maintenance cost as the frequency needed to clean the AC is reduced. Furthermore, AC37FR allows for easy cleaning, making regular maintenance much faster.



Excellent Water Repellency


Excellent Oil Repellency

Helps with Heat Dissipation


Prevents Dust and Dirt Accumulation

ACs requires regular maintenance to ensure the internal systems are working efficiently The fan in the AC draws air, passing it through the coil, making it inevitable for dust and dirt to accumulate on the coils. This results in a waste of electricity as the AC has to work harder to produce the same cold air. The build up may have a negligible effect at the start but will soon reduce airflow and insulate the coil, reducing it’s ability to dissipate heat.

Businesses that have installed ACs would frequently need to fork out maintenance fees to clean and ensure the ACs work efficiently.

To reduce the frequency, ACs should have the proper treatment to prevent dust build-ups. AC37FR has excellent water- and oil-repellent features, it is also anti-static, essentially preventing static build-up, and also allowing maintenance to be completed more effortless and faster.


Before Cleaning and Coating

Dust/Tar Accumulation ~6 months

After Cleaning and Coating


After 1 year

(Without Cleaning)

Reduces Energy Consumption
AC37FR has the ability to help with heat dissipation. This reduces the energy consumption of ACs as less energy is required to cool the air down.

Our experiment data shows that utilising AC37FR is able to reduce the consumption of the AC. From November onwards, the monthly consumption has been much lower than that before the coating. The 3-month moving average is also on a decreasing trend.

AF37FR Can be used by Government Projects, Hotels, Building Owner, Contractor, Installers, Aircon Vendors and more!

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